ECCC Artist Alley is open to newcomers again

1 APRIL 2016

A lot of emerging artists were annoyed with Emerald City Comicon this year for shutting them out of Artist Alley. ECCC is known as a very prestigious place to exhibit and the fact that 2016 had no applications for newcomers was a sore point in the industry - especially since it's supposed to be friendly to indie creators. At the same time, its very prestige is the reason table space is in such high demand, putting ECCC in a tough spot.

So this is good news: Emerald City Comicon will accept Artist Alley applications for 2017. It doesn't mean you'll get in, necessarily, but they are making more space available (and fewer double tables) so you definitely have a shot.

Applications are open from 30 May to 1 August. Applying sooner rather than later is probably smart, though veterans and those artists who've been wait-listed for a while will get priority. Good luck.

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