You've got your Member ID, right? Just checking...


If you're new to San Diego Comic-Con, so new that all you know is you want to go and that's it, you need to do something right now: create a Member ID.

Open Registration - where you can try to buy a badge, emphasis on try - will happen fairly soon and they'll shut down the Member ID area beforehand. You need a Member ID to get a badge, so go do that now.

Once you have that buttoned up, you'll get the same email as everyone else explaining when Open Registration is - the date, the time, the link, and so on. You won't necessarily obtain a badge but you will at least be in the running. And that already puts you way ahead of all the vague wanna-be attendees who get excited when they see all the badge sale hoopla on Twitter and then realize they missed the boat again.

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