More details on SDCC badge shipping

18 FEBRUARY 2016

Today's Toucan post provides a mostly complete explanation of how we'll receive our new RFID badges. I won't rehash it but on the topic of yesterday's unsettling news about them NOT replacing the badges not sent on by your buyer, this is worth quoting: "Badges undelivered for any reason (moved/my neighbor stole them/postman delivered to wrong address/abducted by aliens) can be replaced onsite."

So it sounds like if you call CCI with a tale of buyer woe - your close online chum bought you a badge then says they shipped it to you and you never got it and now you think they're a black market agent - they can check that your badge was delivered to the buyer and say, "Too bad. We did our part." But if their end of it does go awry, they'll replace the badge onsite.

Maybe there's some wiggle room; maybe there will be so few buyer badge mishaps that they'll quietly take pity on people and replace their badges after all. Who knows. Still a good idea to proceed cautiously with who you entrust your Comic-Con 2016 destiny to.

(And on a personal note - while it's rare that stuff gets lost in the mail, it does happen. I'm currently missing a Republic of Tea package that apparently vanished into thin air, and the company had to ship a replacement. This was through USPS and was tracked at every stop. So it can happen.)

Oh, and CCI also addressed our scalper fears: basically they've found that most scalping revolves around counterfeit badges (which we knew) and they think the difficulty of buying a badge at all will deter rampant scalping activity. I still predict we'll see people in the mix who are eager to make a few extra thousand if they can - why not, it's a Saturday morning, no real investment if they don't get badges - but how many will there be? Let's hope not too many.

My Open Reg advice in a bit.

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