Image Expo is ECCC's new best friend

17 FEBRUARY 2016

If you like Image Comics, and who doesn't, this pairing should really make sense to you: Image Expo and Emerald City Comicon. Hollywood Reporter says it's "the opener" - like an opening band, I guess - for ECCC 2016.

This represents a few firsts; not only it is Image's first partnership with ReedPOP, it's also the Expo's first jaunt to Seattle. It will still be an all-day event where exciting new projects get announced and special guests appear, but this is happening too: an Image Comics' Spring Formal, themed "in the style and spirit of a traditional high school dance." So... awkwardness, streamers and spiked punch?

It's happening Wednesday, 6 April, a day before ECCC kicks off. And it's worth noting that while Saturday and Sunday are sold out at Emerald City, Thursday and Friday ECCC tickets are still available. So you could attend Image Expo and 1.5 days at ECCC and make a fairly good trip of it.

Tickets are on sale now. Don't wait too long.

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