It's time to enter the Masquerade


Cosplayers, gather round: San Diego Comic-Con wants you to enter the Masquerade in all your costumed finery.

If you're not familiar with the Masquerade, you can educate yourself through YouTube. Here's what you need to know right now.

  • It's not just a cosplay contest. It's a spectacle involving professional lighting, music, makeup, performance and costuming.
  • Prizes are varied but this one should catch your attention: the winner of any category gets a badge to SDCC 2017.
  • Those categories include Best in Show, Best Young Fan, Most Beautiful, Most Humorous, Best Workmanship, Best Recreation, Best Original Design and Judges' Choice.
  • The official deadline is 30 June, but that's nonsense; they'll fill their spots way earlier so apply as soon as you can.
  • If you wind up not getting a Saturday badge BUT you've been accepted into the Masquerade once since 2012, CCI will give you a badge. Now that's motivation.

First-timers, please understand that while this is excellent cosplay theatre, it is not the only cosplay opportunity at San Diego Comic-Con. Sometimes I think that with all the gorgeous cosplay photos out there, everyday nerds who'd like to wear a simple costume just for the sheer fan love of it can feel a little intimidated. Don't. The Masquerade is a beautiful production but you'll also find group photo shoots, cosplay parties and other events to participate in. And of course plenty of people will admire and photograph you just walking around the Con.

Those of you who are applying - good luck.

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