Welcome to Pre-registration

14 NOVEMBER 2015


And we're done. Pre-registration is sold out.


It took a long time to get started, then went fast. Someone bought me a badge and I have no idea who.

Currently only Sunday & a few Thursdays are left.


Preview Night has sold out.


FYI, your badge that you may or may not get will ship out 4 weeks before the Con.


Last Pre-reg at this time, they'd already announced Preview Night was running low. I do think they slowed it down. Accidentally or on purpose, who knows.


No one I know has gotten in yet. Is this sale moving slower than last year? Let's hope so.


It's about to begin. I'm controlling a few laptops & Member IDS so I'll update what I can when I can. If you hear or encounter something, feel free to share.


Okay, it's almost here. Are you settled in with a drink and your phone? Did you check your screen settings? Do you have all the relevant Member IDs and last names at hand?


"We are actively researching technical issues you may be experiencing. We will try to update you here as we continue."

Thanks, yellow bar of failure and mediocrity.


So it looks like a lot of us are getting bumped out of the waiting room. This is a bit unnerving because:
1) it's a smaller group of people than Open Reg
2) nothing in this part of the process has changed. So how did the system get worse?


Already had one snafu - was told I wasn't authorized to enter. I did it again and got in again. None of this did anything for my confidence.

Everyone else getting in okay?

8:03 a.m.

It's here. Are we ready?

I'm hung up trying to get into the waiting room. Not an auspicious start.


  1. So far it's seems glitchier than this past year's open reg. We've been booted out a couple of times each. I had the blue circle icon disappear, replaced by a broken icon link.

  2. Friend kept getting booted before 9, then again after 9 and now says he can't get back in!

    1. And after that, he got preview night +4 days for all three of his family. Teach me to feel sorry for him. I'd feel even crappier if I didn't get my own 3 x 4 day tix already too (no preview night tho)

  3. It looks like Saturday badge inventory is running low, we promise to keep you updated. Thank you for your patience while you wait.

  4. We apologize, but Saturday badges are sold out. Please select another badge type when you begin your registration session, or exit the waiting room to allow another attendee a chance to purchase a badge.

  5. Friday badges are sold out. We apologize for the inconvenience, but exciting events are scheduled for every day of Comic-Con 2016! Thursday and Sunday badges are still available for purchase.

  6. Thursday badges are almost sold out. It is possible that only Sunday badges will be left when you begin your registration session.

  7. Comic-Con 2016 badges have sold out for attendee preregistration! If you were unable to purchase your desired badge type today, you may be able to participate in Open Registration in early 2016. We thank all of your for your patronage and support! For more information, please visit: http://www.comic-con.org/cci/purchase-badges

  8. Replies
    1. I actually can't find whoever bought my badge, so I'm not sure if I have one or if it was a system glitch.

      It's my punishment for saying the anxiety would be over within 24 hours. Not for me. But thanks!

  9. I wasn't able to get ANY day. Man, I'm bummed.

    1. Several Member IDs in my group got shut out entirely.

  10. I'm fairly confident that the problem with the waiting room is that it was designed for everyone to enter gradually, not crash in all at once. After all, it was created because they couldn't handle everyone crashing in all at once. Then this year, they suddenly changed the time to get into the waiting room from 7 am (2 hours in advance) to 8 am (1 hour in advance). Everyone who previously logged in between 7 am and 8am (raises hand) was suddenly trying to get in at 8 am, and my guess is that's what crashed the system.

    I suspect we will never know, but I'd love to hear CCI's explanation on what went wrong this morning.