It's Pre-reg Eve. Are we ready?

13 NOVEMBER 2015

Good luck, everyone. I won't tell you to get a good night's sleep because realistically quite a few of us will probably wake up consumed with anxiety at various points of the night and dawn.

I'll admit I feel strangely confident about tomorrow. (Last year I was full of foreboding and indeed got only Thursday/Sunday, so maybe I'm tuned into the badge sale on some metaphysical/time slip level.) That said, the reality is most of us won't get what we want - either because we only get a few days or because we get nothing at all.

If that's you, please remember you have another shot in Open Registration. Also remember that there is so much to do outside the Con now (Conan tapings, Nerd HQ, the various events and activations) that skipping a day or two inside the convention center may ultimately be even more enjoyable than a 4 day badge. I feel like a cheap hypocrite saying that because I do want a Preview Night badge, but it's true.

And finally, be good to yourself tomorrow if this doesn't go the way you want. It's easy to be detached and philosophical about a badge sale in advance (see my preceding paragraph) but when you're in it, the stress is ungodly. Try to have some kind of consolation prize at hand.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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