Watch your email


Depending on your immersion in Comic-Con life, you may or may not know that Pre-registration for 2016 is expected to be almost upon us. No, it hasn't been officially announced, but that email could be coming very soon - so watch your inbox. Don't make plans for Saturday mornings. Think about how you'll pay for your badges and how the people in your larger buying group will pay each other and all those other logistics.

In other words, be ready.

ETA: My mistake for not clarifying this. Pre-registration is only for people who attended SDCC 2015 specifically with an attendee badge. No one else can participate. Even if you were at Comic-Con this past summer under some other guise - a booth babe, a famous inker, a food worker - you cannot participate in Pre-reg.

But if you were at Comic-Con with an attendee badge around your neck - even just for one day - and you validated your badge when you were told to - you can participate in Pre-reg.

You can put all questions about your status to rest by logging into your Member ID account and looking on the right side for a green check mark and "OK CCI'16 Attendee Prereg." If that appears on your Member ID page, you're good to go.  You'll get an email from CCI notifying you of Pre-reg details.


  1. This afternoon, CCI quietly updated the Member ID system. Pre-reg codes have now been loaded. It looks like this coming Saturday is a possibility!