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31 OCTOBER 2015

Happy Halloween, Samhain and Dia De Los Muertos. We all know the scariest thing lurking in our near futures is the possibility of not getting an SDCC badge in Pre-registration. And in case you missed it, just to toy with our emotions and make us dream even harder of next summer, CCI has announced our badges might possibly arrive in the mail.

Maybe. Can you imagine? It'll add another layer of anxiety to the entire San Diego Comic-Con experience - you'll stalk your mailbox, develop a paranoia about mail theft crime rings, accuse your housemates of accidentally throwing out an envelope with your name on it - but finally it will arrive. You'll attach your badge to your favorite lanyard and wear it around the house. You'll take a picture of it and smugly post it all over social, then get nervous about inviting a home invasion. You'll store it somewhere safe, then keep checking to make sure it's still there.

Finally you'll arrive at Comic-Con and stroll inside the convention center, having eliminated the Town & Country and one more line from your SDCC experience.

Maybe that'll happen, maybe it won't - but to facilitate this process, CCI is urging you to update your mailing address now in your Member ID account. They want you to do this before Pre-reg, which might be as soon as a week from today, so do it now. Logically there should be a way to update your address post-badge obtainment, because in real life people move, but I'd still do it now just to be safe.

Obviously this invites many questions on fraud, security and badge registration - but we can speculate on that later. For now, let's share a hallelujah with Charles Darwin and welcome this (possible) new future of evolution and convenience.

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