Saturday ECCC tickets are almost sold out

20 OCTOBER 2015

Going, going, gone... not yet but almost. ECCC has sounded the official "almost sold out" bell so get on it right now and buy your Saturday badge. 

Remember, you can still get the full Emerald City Comicon experience right now if you act fast - but any minute now, the opportunity will disappear and you'll be relegated to the Thursday, Friday and Sunday option.

Cue the wailing about Saturday has sold out much faster than last year (5 January) and even faster than the full passes did (29 October.)


  1. Once Saturday goes, Friday and Sunday won't be far behind. Thursday... who knows. It's a wild card. I'd say it's less likely to sell out fast, but since a lot of people bought 3 day badges _ Thursday, it may also be in limited supply...

    1. Yeah, I think your theory about 3 day badges + Thursday is spot on. Plus I'm sure a lot of people don't even realize it's a half day badge.

      I'm so excited for ECCC already - April is way too far away.

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