Are you ready for SDCC Pre-registration?

20 OCTOBER 2015

Because it's probably just a few weeks away. Don't expect much notice from CCI; usually the email notification comes just days before. You won't have several weeks in which to map out your game plan and clear your schedule.

Official word is Pre-reg will be after Halloween. That probably means November, most likely a Saturday, and of course they won't want to do it the Saturday after Thanksgiving. While they could hold it in December, it's unlikely.

Which means you should be looking at your calendar and keeping your Saturdays - especially 7 November and 14 November - open. If you haven't joined a buying group yet, you still have time to get organized and aligned. I'm accepting a few more people into mine if you don't know anyone to partner up with - and if you have an open spot and are willing to fill it with someone, I can help with that too. Email me for details.

If you were a 2015 first-timer and this is your first Pre-reg, there's nothing much for you to freak out about. The process will be much like Open Registration; a lottery, a game of chance, where you are only competing against your fellow 2015 attendees (and not the general public) but for a smaller slice of the pie since Pre-reg only offers up a portion of the badges. No doubt you'll be nervous (more like succumbing to teeth-chattering panic) but it does help to remember this is just your first shot at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. You'll have another chance in the spring even if you don't fare so well this round.


  1. Any word on that other new hotel that may or may not be a part of the rooming block?

    1. The Pendry? We're still waiting to hear if it'll be open by then. The below article says "summer 2016" so... maybe?

      I've been emailing them and will share as soon as I find out.