New video released in SDCC Zombie Walk lawsuit

27 OCTOBER 2015

While most of us have seen the above video of the now-infamous Zombie Walk hit and run - in which a car plowed through a section of the Zombie Walk parade at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, breaking a woman's arm - new and arguably better footage was aired today in court.

Defense arguments posited that driver Matthew Pocci drove forward out of fear, not frustration, and that several people in the crowd motioned him forward. He faces a felony charge of reckless driving and a possible prison term of three years. But that's not the only legal drama afoot; the woman injured is suing the city and the walk organizers along with Pocci, while Pocci and his passenger have their own lawsuit against the city and several parade participants.

Stay tuned.

ETA: The victim in the case has taken the stand.

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