Courtroom drama: the Zombie Walk hearing

4 JUNE 2015

For those of you following the legal aftermath of last summer's Zombie Walk accident, a preliminary hearing is underway. The accused: driver Matthew Pocci, whose car struck a woman and broke her arm.

Pocci had been working at Comic-Con earlier that day and was driving with several family members when his car became obstructed by the parade of hundreds of costumed zombies. Witnesses testified that Pocci was honking his car horn and gesturing for Zombie Walk participants to move out of the way of his car; the headline emphasizes that he looked "super angry" but also mentions that people jumped onto his car and banged on his windshield, at which point Pocci drove off and struck the woman. Pocci earlier reported that someone had also opened the rear door of his car and that he was afraid for his family's safety.

The hearing will resume today, with the judge concluding whether there's enough evidence to send Pocci to trial. He faces three years in prison if convicted of felony reckless driving causing great bodily injury.

For you first-timers, the Zombie Walk has always been a popular event and last year we had a Zombie Prom - a Night on Zombie Island. However, the organizers have been understandably quiet this year.


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