Forbes ponders the ECCC sale


It's official: Emerald City is in the big leagues. Forbes actually wrote about the sale's speed, saying, "But this kind of response, when only a handful of guests and activities have been announced, indicates it has moved into a new echelon of popularity."

Well, "echelon" is one word for it, I guess. Haven't we all known we were moving toward this moment? (Don't answer that - Tumblr and Twitter have already instructed me that no, not everyone knew.)

Here's a term I like better: "manic scramble." The article notes that "Until recently, regional conventions like ECCC, Denver Comic Con, Salt Lake City Comic Con and Toronto’s Fan Expo could count on capacity crowds in the high-five, low-six figures, but not the kind of manic scramble for badges months in advance that was typical of international-scale events like Comic-Con International: San Diego, which reports a paid attendance of 125,000, or New York Comic Con, which reports 135,000."

Hopefully all the coverage doesn't activate dormant scalpers; after all, single day tickets are still available for every day.  Which means that yes, you CAN still get the full Emerald City experience, despite the histrionics I've seen across social about it being entirely sold out. You can still go. You can still book a hotel room. Nothing at this moment is stopping you from being at one of the best Comic Cons in the world next April. So make your move now or forever hold your peace.

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