Updated: 3-day ECCC tickets are sold out


Remember, you can still attend all 4 days of Emerald City - just buy a 3-day badge and a Thursday and you're set. (Or you can buy all single days.) But ECCC just warned that the 3-days are about to sell out so move fast - like now - if you were thinking of getting a ticket.

I've had a flurry of conversations last night and this morning with SDCC attendees who are either going to ECCC for the first time or thinking about it. They saw yesterday's ticket mania and realized that Emerald City is hot for a reason. So here's my advice: if you can afford to go to Emerald City (and the tickets and hotels are reasonably priced, in my opinion), hop off the fence and go. You won't regret it.

I saw a lot of people on Twitter saying they couldn't buy a ticket until next week or their next paycheck. That's just not an option. Borrow the $85 from your mom, panhandle by your nearest overpass, do whatever you need to do, and buy that ticket today.

ETA: And they're gone. But fear not - all single day tickets are still available. Saturday will be the next to go so I'd get on that action if I were you.


  1. Well, this brings it home: it wasn't that they only had a small number of 4 day badges, it was actually the popularity of the con that did this. I'm still reeling from the news that 3 day badges are gone in (just over) 24 hours. Yikes! All of those Seattle locals waiting for paychecks are going to pay an extra $25 for being lazy and buying all single days.

    I agree that Saturday in general is the most popular day... but I have to wonder if Thursday might sell out first (or as a close second) because of all of those people who bought 3 day badges adding in a single Thursday. I'm guessing that with only a half day, they're selling fewer Thursday badges than other days (it's clear they they expected a lot of people to not want to come on Thursday, hence the offering of 3 day badges to begin with) so that may actually be the one to disappear the fastest...

    1. That's a good point about Thursday. I'm sure the 3-day +1 buyers are going to have an impact. I'm curious how fast the single days will go in general. Is the "must have now" rush over and now they'll slowly sell out over a week or few, or are people freaking out and doing whatever they can to buy in the next few days?

      The Tumblr comments make it clear that local people were surprised by the speed of the sale. It seems like a lot of people weren't even aware of the sale itself - or that they're competing with attendees from all over the country now, not just Seattle.