Emerald City hotels are live


You can get started here.

As for when you need to book, I wouldn't wait terribly long. Yes, this is a very local Con but more and more attendees are flying in for ECCC. And of course, lots of Seattle attendees will book rooms so they can immerse themselves in the action for 4 days. The Sheraton - considered by many to be the best ECCC hotel - sold out in just a few days last year.

That said, this is Seattle and you're going to have your pick of nearby hotels if you act reasonably fast. I also wouldn't worry about which hotel has which restaurant in it, since there are so many places to eat everywhere you turn. One of the best things about Emerald City is that it's pretty easy to slip out of the Con for a good meal and come right back, unlike SDCC where just having lunch in the Gaslamp can be a major expedition.

 Won't it feel amazing to have your tickets and hotel all wrapped up in 1 day?

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