ECCC sale is happening


1:07 pm

Sorry I disappeared. 4-day tickets are gone; VIP packages are still available.

I'd advise getting in and booking your tickets and hotel room now.

12:06 pm

I got into the queue at 11:59 and was processed at 12:04.  Everything was available.

So the question is - was the queue just ReedPOP's orderly influence or are they anticipating a major super fast sell out?

12:02 pm PST

Yeah, definitely don't wait. Buy your tickets now.

12:00 pm PST

The sale is live - and there's a virtual queue. Hello, ReedPOP.


  1. I think they just wanted to throttle the access, to prevent the possibility of a crash.

    It's 12:38 right now and all badge types, including special access, are still available.

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  3. At 12:52, all 4 days badges were gone, but Special Access was still available. Now I'm feeling lucky to have purchased three 4 day badges!

    1. Yes, I'm glad I got everything I wanted. I don't feel that bad about 4 days selling out since people can just pay another 100 for Special Access. But still - wow.