Enter The Walking Dead season 6 sweepstakes

13 AUGUST 2015

Are you still on the fence about NYCC? Are you vacillating between "Maybe I should save the money" and "No, I definitely should go" and "I'll see what my schedule looks like" even as summer keeps passing and you need to make a decision? Maybe that's just me.

Well, this could sway you; The Walking Dead's season premiere will debut on 9 October, Friday night at Madison Square Garden as part of New York Comic Con Super Week. Exciting! Except of course that even the great capacious MSG can't contain the horde of fans desperately wishing to attend - so there's a sweepstakes.

Enter now; 10 winners are selected daily. Remember, this isn't being held in a movie theatre like an SDCC premiere but in Madison Square Garden. So your chances are kind of decent? It's hard to say, really. Radio stations and cable affiliates will also be giving away tickets, so if you really want to go, make this the new Comic-Con rabbit you're chasing.

Because this is what's nice about New York Comic Con and the creation of Super Week; even after badges/tickets sell out, there are so many events and activities on the docket that you can find some way to participate. Whether that's worth traveling for or not is your call.

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