D23 tickets are still available

10 AUGUST 2015

What are you doing this weekend? If you're looking to escape your "humdrum life" - which is how the San Diego Union-Tribune describes your existence - then you may want to head to Anaheim on 14-16 August for a celebration of all things Disney.

D23 Expo, expected to be "the largest Disney fan event in history" this year, will be at the Anaheim Convention Center, with performances, panels, movie previews, special guests, vendors and of course cosplay. Tickets are $74 for one day and $216 for all 3 days.

Why would this appeal to SDCC and Con attendees? Well, there's a crossover fanbase in general; but Star Wars and Avengers are expected to play a significant role as well. If you missed SDCC and are staring down the end of summer with a jangling, unsatisfied feeling in your nerd heart, this is an option - and it might be nerdier than you anticipated.

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