Making the most of your last day

12 JULY 2015

The last day of San Diego Comic-Con is here. How are you going to spend it?

If you haven't done the offsites, you're probably thinking this is the day to do them. Again, it's a horrible day to do them; that isn't to say you should abandon all hope, but you should be prepared to wait a long time. Prioritize before you invest your line time.

Obviously the Exhibit Hall will be full of good sales. Don't go crazy with your negotiations but feel free to propose alternative pricing. And don't forget to take advantage of the Fed Ex Office office and local hotel shipping services; if you want to load up on books or other heavy/space-taking stuff, just ship it home and make it easy on yourself.

For panels today, it's obviously Kids Day. But if you're looking for other panels to wind down the Con, you have a few options:

  • What would be one of my first choices: the "exclusive sneak peek panel" for Adventure Time's book trailer, musical numbers and "audience participation" for the Enchiridion and Marceline's Super Secret Scrapbook. Noon in 7AB.

  • For writers: How We Tell Stories at 11 at in 28DE and Where Do Ideas Come From? at 2 in the same room.

  • And for every creative: Full Time Creative Work on a Part-Time Schedule. 24ABC at 4.

  • The End Bullying panel is back at 10:00 in 24ABC.

  • I know a lot of people are excited about the Sailor Moon panel. 1:00 in 6A.

  • Also at one: the world premiere of DC's Halloween-themed feature, Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem.

  • Another one of my top picks: Starship Smackdown XV. 2:15 in 6A.

  • This sounds interesting: Queer Imagery in Animation. 3:00 in 28DE.

  • And of course a lot of you will be going to the Buffy Musical at 2:45 in 6BCF.

  • Finally we close the day - sort of - with the much anticipated Comic-Con Talk Back. 3:30 in 23ABC. Remember, this is your chance to unburden yourself and provide CCI with that all-important feedback that will shape future changes - or the idea of them, at least.

And if none of that appeals to you, blow it all off and go to the beach with your friends or just splurge on a long leisurely meal. SDCC is just as much about socializing as nerding, and there's no better day to tell your stories and show pictures than Sunday. It's all going to be over in a few hours so enjoy it while you can.

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