You'll need your badge for Pre-reg

22 JUNE 2015

Nothing too shocking here. CCI says clearly, "You'll need your physical Comic-Con 2015 badge to be eligible for 2016 Attendee Preregistration."

Previous attendees already know all about this, but first-timers might have entertained the idea of selling off (or just giving away) their badge on Sunday when they're done with the Con. So - no, you can't do that.

Let's assume from this that we're looking at the same type of Pre-reg and Open Reg we had for this year, without any major changes. Which - as dire as it was in terms of the odds of just getting a badge - did run more or less smoothly.

ETA: Every year people ask, "Why can't I just take a picture of my badge? Why do I have to hang onto it?" So let me address this now. First of all, why screw around with your chances of getting a 2016 badge? Even if taking a picture or just copying down every number on the badge will technically suffice, is it really that burdensome to keep the badge around? I definitely would not give your badge to anyone else. It's just not worth the risk of losing access to SDCC.


  1. My worry is that if someone else gets my pre-reg code, they might be able to use it and lock me out. That's why I would never give my badge to another person.

    1. Exactly. SDCC is dog eat dog - you have to be careful. Not to mention they could get caught with the badge (unlikely but possible) and then you're locked out for good, or they could just lose it. I lost my PCC badge - it happens.

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