Why you should care about the Shuttle Map

9 JUNE 2015

Every year, Comic-Con generously provides shuttle buses to carry our weary selves around town. Today CCI came out with their annual shuttle map and schedule, assuring you in the process that "these buses are your friends." While a lot of you probably scanned it intently, attendees lucky enough to have a room within walking distance might have skipped right over it.

But wait. Yes, the most obvious use for these is getting from your hotel to the convention center - but if you think outside the Con box for a minute, you can come up with other uses. So look at the map and see if you want to:
  • Take a shuttle to your restaurant/bar/event at the far end of the Gaslamp
  • Visit your friends who ended up at a hotel in a totally different part of San Diego
  • Use a shuttle to crawl back to your hotel after you've had a few drinks
  • Travel down to the Town & Country on Wednesday to pick up your badge
  • Ride over to Ralph's to pick up groceries for your room
Because sometimes you just want to conserve your foot stamina for things that matter, like standing in line for animation day in the Indigo Ballroom.

The hours, by the way, are very convenient:

Wednesday, 8 July: 3 pm- midnight
Thursday, 9 July at 4:30 am - Sunday, 12 July at 7:00 pm

Check out the actual schedule and map for various exemptions and special considerations and the timeframes to expect. And in case you were wondering, yes - these shuttles are wheelchair-friendly.

Probably during your Comic-Con meanderings, you'll be tempted to just fall into a cab's backseat and let it carry you home. There's nothing wrong with that, but cab fares can add up fast - so consider the advantages of spending a few minutes waiting for a shuttle. As wide-ranging as their territory is, these really do come in handy for transporting you around for free.

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