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25 JUNE 2015

In a few hours, we'll have Thursday programming to read obsessively over and over. In the meantime, what did we find out today?

The new Muppets series will be in 6A on Saturday at 3 pm; Once Upon a Time will be in Ballroom 20 at 10 on Saturday. We'll also have Muppets-themed trolleys and Muppets and Once Upon A Time pedicabs.

Another panel that should be very popular: Mobilizing Fandoms for Charity on Saturday at 11 in 14C. This will be a discussion on how various fandoms can contribute to charities, on local, individual and global levels.

Funko dropped its 8th wave. We also got this Legend of Zelda figure. And it looks like you can take home a Stan Lee action figure after all, if you have 300 burning a hole in your pocket.

Do you want a free Star Wars button? Stop by The Ninjabot at Small Press table L-08.

The Nerdist podcast guests were announced: Peter Capaldi and Ben Kingsley. And speaking of Nerdist, they're bringing their horror film The Hive to SDCC.

DC is bringing 10 variants and a whole lot of Convergence panels, as well as spotlight panels for Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and Grant Morrison. First-timers, this will give you an idea of the scale of the Exhibit Hall: the DC booth alone is 4,500 square feet. That's bigger than the average house.

Also doing SDCC in a big way is VIZ Media, with tons of exclusives and swag, and Sailor Moon and Shonen Jump panels in addition to the previously mentioned Ultraman.

Sideshow Collectibles is throwing a party Friday night at SDCC; tickets are on sale now. Only after you buy tickets will you find out where the party is. I don't know if they just haven't booked a venue yet or if they're that afraid of crazed collectors.

Treyarch hints at Black Ops III Zombies coming to SDCC.

Scream Factory and Shout! Factory will be dazzling you again at booth #4118 with free photo ops with a range of backdrops, including My Little Pony and Power Rangers; a Kaiju Scavenger Hunt; a My Little Pony Costume Contest with Amex gift cards as prizes, appearances by the Power Rangers and Samantha Newark, who voiced Jem and Jerrica in Jem and the Holograms.

We have dates for San Diego Comic-Con 2016: 20-24 July.

And finally, a Nerd HQ reminder: tickets will go up for sale very soon and they will go immediately. If this is important to you - and there are a lot of great conversations to attend this year - you'll want to stay on top of this.

As for tomorrow - those of you who landed in the Thursday/Sunday split might be feeling morose over all the great Friday and Saturday panels that have been announced. But I think tomorrow's programming announcement will completely turn that around. Stay tuned.

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