Hall H wristbands are back

24 JUNE 2015

Buried way toward the end of a Toucan blog post on panel attendance is this little nugget: Hall H wristbands are back. These were introduced last year to cut down on a specific problem: people joining long lines via cutting or "saved" spots.

In other words, you might join a Hall H line at sunset for the next morning's panels. You're about 200 people back. Yet more and more attendees keep joining their friends ahead of you. By midnight you're about 500 people back, even though you've been waiting longer than most of the people in front of you. By daybreak, you're 1200 people back from the front of the line. You get the idea.

So last year they passed out wristbands at a certain hour - either you got one or you didn't. Joining your friends later wouldn't help you if you didn't have a wristband.

Feelings were mixed; some people said they didn't help and others did. I skip Hall H most of the time so I can't weigh in on their efficacy. The reality is that we have no perfect solution to the Hall H line at this time and CCI is trying to institute some order amongst the chaos. As for how the wristbands will operate - we'll find out more about them next week when they are a featured Toucan tip.

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