Saturday panel summary

27 JUNE 2015

So what do we think about Saturday programming? I'm going to stick to Friday being the "biggest" day of the Con in many aspects, but there's no denying that Saturday serves up nerd splendor in every area. 

Hall H brings us the Warner Bros at 10:30, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies at 12:15, Tarantino at 1:30, Legendary (Warcraft/Crimson Peak/Krampus) at 2:30, EW's annual Women Who Kick Ass at 3:45, then Dark Horse with Joss Whedon at 4:45. Then Fox takes over at 5:45 and of course Warner/DC sweep back in at 8 with their Supergirl/movie night extravaganza.
Ballroom 20 has Once Upon a Time at 10, TV Guide's Fan Favorites at 11, then The Simpsons at noon, Seth McFarlane's animation block at 1, then Grimm at 3, then Outlander at 4, Hannibal at 5.
That should please a lot of fans but my heart is over in the Indigo: The Last Man on Earth is at 10, Childhood's End is at 11, 12 Monkeys is at noon, Chris Hardwick at 1, The Awesomes at 2, John Barrowman at 3, The Expanse at 4 and Z Nation at 5:30.


Onto Hollywood. 

Are You Ready, Kids?: Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants is at 10 in 6A.
Avatar the Last Airbender: Legend and Legacy is also at 10 in 25ABC. Be aware this panel will have a cosplay contest “open to all levels of skill.”

Land of the Lost Series Reunion will be at 10 in 29AB. This panel promises “the happiest hour at Comic-Con.” I love it when random obscure shows emerge from the mists of the past to have a panel at SDCC.
Into the Badlands will be at 10:30 in 5A.

Marvel Animation Presents is at 10:30 in 6BCF
Blindspot Pilot Screening and Q&A is at 11:15 in 6A if you missed it Preview Night.

From Bollywood to Hollywood: Going Global is in 25ABC at noon. Then we have Hollywood Meets Bollywood at 2:30 in the same room.
Colony: USA Network Series Screening is at noon in the Horton. This is separate from the earlier panel; this is an opportunity to see the pilot. So you have 2 chances to dwell on the glory of Josh Holloway if you want them.

Monster High Panel. “Experience new character and doll introductions, as well as never-before-seen content reveals for the upcoming season.” 11:30 in 5AB.
Cartoon Voices 1 is in 6BCF at 1.

Babble on with the Cast of Babylon 5 at the Horton Grand at 2.
Outcast TV Series: A First Look with Robert Kirkman is in 6DE at 3. Expect a line.

The Muppet Show Coming to ABC will be in 6A at 3:00 with actual Muppet performers. I feel like the nostalgia factor will be strong with this one.
Nerdist: The Hive will show off their foray into horror at 3:30 in the Horton.

Person of Interest Special Video Presentation and Q&A is at 6BCF at 5:15.
Salem will be in 6A at 5:30 with “a look back at intriguing footage from the supernatural second season.”

Inside the Writers' Room: The Series: Part Two.“The scribes behind some of today's hottest genre shows.” 6:30 in 24ABC.

Containment Pilot Screening and Q&A. 6:15 in 6BC. “A mysterious and deadly epidemic.” I don’t have a great feeling about this show but maybe you can see the pilot and tell me I’m wrong.
The Bold Voice of Contemporary Horror Film: Fantastic Fest, Beyond Fest, and SpectreFest will be at 6:45 in 6A.


Saturday is another good day for Comics. I can’t say there’s been one day that predominates so far. Comic book nerds should find panels on their favorites every day of the Con.

New DC Universe the Lighter Side: Are You Ready? promises “hilarity” at10 in 6DE. That’s followed by New DC Universe: Batman: Are You Ready? at 11:15.
Temple of Art returns at 10:30 in 24ABC. What a sad description: “When every artist begins their craft, nobody is listening. Nobody pays them, nobody claps, and there is really no rational reason to suppose that anyone ever will. But they do it anyway.” I went to this panel last year, so I’m not sure why they’re advertising a “debut trailer” but let’s suppose they’ve advanced in their film. If you’re interested in not just artists but the paradigms of creation, I recommend this.

Drawn & Quarterly at Twenty-Five invites you to celebrate the heaviest book at Comic-Con. (That’s not a swipe; this anthology is worth picking up. But not at the Con if you have a flight home.) 11:00 in room 4.
CBLDF: Comics in the Classroom: Real-World Ideas for Engaging Your Students with Comics is in 30CDE at 12, followed by CBLDF: Comics Censorship in 2015 at 1. Then we have CBLDF Protecting Comics in Libraries at 4 in the library.

BOOM! Studios Celebrates 10 Years and Pushes Comics Forward is at 12:30 in 24ABC.
DC Entertainment: Grant Morrison: The Multiversity and Beyond! Grant Morrison provides clarity. Or not. 12:30 in 6DE.

Marvel: House of Ideas is at 12:30 in 6A.

Dark Circle Comics will explore the “cinematic and literary universe of titles coming from Dark Circle Comics, including The Black Hood, The Shield, and The Hangman.” 1:00 in 29AB.

Diversity: We Demand Diverse Books is at 1 in 28DE.
TMNT: The Big Panel is a look back at the past four years of TMNT comics and a sneak peek at what is to come with new announcements and art. 25ABC at 1.

Image Comics: Where Creators Own Reality is in 7AB at 1.
 At 1:45 in 6A,  Stan Lee discusses his past, present, and future projects, followed by a Q&A session. That should be a long panel.

The Return of Invader Zim: Jhonen Vasquez returns. 2:00 in 29AB.
IDW and Hasbro: Transformers, Jem, Ponies, and More will give you “the inside scoop on the latest news and announcements.” 2:30 in 24ABC.

Marvel: Cup O'Joe brings Joe Quesada back to answer your burning questions. 2:45 in 6BCF.
Dark Horse Takes Over the World will start their conquest in 7AB at 3. Mike Mignola, Chuck Palahniuk, Jeff Lemire, Eric Powell, and Matt Kindt.

Camp Out with Lumberjanes! And presumably Holy Kitten. 3:30 in room 8.
Doctor Who Comics Panel: Year Two, Crossover Event and New Miniseries! Should be popular. 5AB in 3:30.

William Shatner's Man O' War: Cinematic Graphic Novel will present “a groundbreaking form of digital comics that combines a new stylistic dimension in animation, in-story sound effects, and a music soundtrack to usher in an enhanced reading experience.” William Shatner is totally owning SDCC 2015. All he needs to do is make an entrance by landing a helicopter on the Hall H lawn. 4:00 in 6BCF
Image Comics: Where Creators Own Aesthetics is at 4:15 in 6DE. Followed by New DC Universe: The Upstarts: Are You Ready? is at 5:30 in 6DE.

Spiritual Themes in Comics will be at 6 in room 4.
Gays in Comics 28: At the Intersection of Comics and Life. Room 29AB at 6. “Creators examine how their queer identities intersect with other aspects of their lives, such as race and ethnicity, religion, and family, and how that influences and defines their comics work.” This is 2 hours and will include the usual auction and mixer, which just wasn’t labeled separately this year.

The Walking Dead: An Inside Look with Robert Kirkman will look at the comic book, not the show. 6:45 in 6DE.

Onto cosplay, gaming, nerd life and culture.

Learn how to do Cosplay Makeup 101 in 14A at 10.
Mobilizing Fandoms for Charity will be at 11 in 14A.  This sounds both fascinating and useful: “How to utilize various fandoms to help create nonprofit organizations, to contribute to charitable causes, and to explore how individuals can get more involved individually, locally, and globally with fandom-related charities.”

High Def Horror: Hammer Horror Meets Harryhausen will let attendees “sneak a peek at some exciting upcoming releases that will please fans of Hammer films and the legendary Ray Harryhausen.” This could be a great panel if it lives up to its title – or it could be a well-worded tease. 25ABC at 2.
Keep YA Weird. “Come discuss and celebrate literary experimentalism and extreme imagination in YA literature.” 2:00 in room 9.

Spotlight on Yu-Gi-Oh! and Creator Kazuki Takahashi. 2:00 in 7AB. Expect a line.
Lost Podcast and Beyond. The annual can’t-let-go panel is back. “The co-hosts of the popular Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack will discuss ten years of Lost, as well as other TV shows that have filled their Lost void, including The Leftovers, True Detective, and more.” In the library at 3.

A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Fan Discussion is at 4 in the library.
Body Confidence in Cosplay is at 4:00 in 14A.

Hasbro Marvel will discuss Hasbro's popular Marvel LEGENDS action figure lines. 4:00pm in  25ABC.
Fandom: The Next Generation at 5 in 14A will present “ways parents can shape the next generation of geek culture early on.”

The Evolution of an Icon in Rise of the Tomb Raider is in 25ABC at 5.

Max Brooks Zombie Revelations. 6:00 in 5AB; “Brooks shares his insight into the rotting minds of the shambling dead and the aristocratic and self-entitled vampire race, and fields questions from zombie-phobic fans.”
The Geek Shall Inherit: A Look at the Evolution of Geek Culture. 6 pm in 14A.
Magic: The Gathering: Magic Origins. 6:30 in7AB.


Plenty of creative panels today, though many have more of a business slant as opposed to a creation slant.

Working Together: Writers and Artists will be at 11 in 28DE. “While working with a partner can offer great rewards, the path might not always be an easy one to navigate.”
Inside the Writers' Room: The Pilot: Part One. 24ABC at 11:30

Workshop with Laura Martin will explore “the use of color for storytelling." 12:15 in room 2.
Kill Your Idols: The Anxiety of Influence is at 1:00 in 23ABC. “The alchemy of transmuting admiration into originality.”

Comic-Con How-To: Drawing with Adam Hughes is at 1:30 in room 2.
DC Entertainment: My Secret Origin, or How I Broke into Comics is at 1:45 in 6DE.

Adding Special Effects to Cosplay Pictures and Video is at 3 in 14A. “Learn how, using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, you can add realistic laser beams, fireballs, glowing magical elements, and sci-fi backgrounds that will bring your cosplay photography and videos to the next level.”
Comixology Submit: The Future of Self-Publishing. “A tell-all discussion on how you too can create, submit, and reach the ranks of comiXology Submit stardom.” 3:00 in 29AB.

Comic-Con How-To: Draw Your Imagination with Kim Jung Gi is in room 2 at 3:30.
IDW: So, You Want to Be in Comics. Project announcements plus more “breaking in” advice. 4:00 in room 4.

An Inside Look at Google Spotlight Stories. “Insights and experiences regarding the creation of this new, narrative format for 360-degree, immersive, interactive stories made especially for mobile devices.” 4:30 in 24ABC. You knew Google would show up at Comic-Con sooner or later.
Let's Renaissance Again: Adding Science and Math into Art. “Why and how we need to add science and math into learning art: [+SM]Art. 5:00 in 30CDE.

Comic-Con How-To: Proper Pitching and Promoting Yourself. 5 in room 2.
Disney-ABC: Reinvention: The Writer, The Director, The Story. “Helpful tips and insight on how to successfully make a career transition from Disney-ABC writers, directors, and executives.” 5:30 in 24ABC.

Storytelling in the 21st Century.  “How regular people can be enabled to create and share compelling stories by using technology to "amplify" their natural creative abilities.” Regular people. 5:30 in 26AB.
Choosing the Right Publishing Path for Your Manuscript: Traditional, Small Press or Self-Publishing is at 6 pm in 25ABC. The “various options for publishing fiction and how to determine what works for different genres.”

The Keys to Successful, Career-Changing Acting and Filmmaking in Today's New Entertainment Industry. Known thespian Richard Hatch is back to share his expertise on “how to powerfully up level your skills and performance in order to position yourself for breakthrough success in today’s entertainment industry.” 6 pm 30CDE.

What do we have on Saturday night?

Author Talk with Del Rey Books will have various authors at 7 in room 9.
The Best and Worst Manga of 2015 will be discussed at 7 in 23ABC.

Fight Club 2 is in 5AB at 7. Chuck Palahniuk returns to SDCC. There was a big line for this last year, so don’t try to slip in at the last minute.
We Are All Heroes: The Changing Landscape of Comics, Geekdom, and Fanboy Culture is in 14A at 7.

Nickelodeon's Variety Show Featuring Breadwinners Live will be at the Horton at 7. Not only will you get “swag bags packed with exclusive collectibles”, you’ll also “watch exclusive cartoons and the world premiere of two new shows, Pig Goat Banana Cricket and The Loud House.”
Action Figure Insider Presents: 10 Years of Talking About Toys. “The inside scoop on the action figure and collectible lines that they love and get answers straight from the people who make them. 7:30 in room 8.

An Hour with Adam Savage is in 7:30 in 6BCF.
The Psychology of Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Episode V is back at 7:30 in 24ABC.

Closing the Deal: Everything You Need to Know About Publishing Deals and Contracts looks comics-oriented. 8 in 30CDE.
Creepy and Eerie Unleashed at 8 in 25ABC. They might be giving away Creep swag, “but only to the demonically deserving.” You know if you qualify.

Rooster Teeth: Lazer Team and More! This “will debut exclusive scenes from Lazer Team and show off other exciting Rooster Teeth content exclusively for the Comic-Con audience.” At 8 in 6DE.

SPARK Your Creativity: A Call to Action! “Ladies unite to create more female driven content.” 8 in 14A.
Spec Fiction Sneak Peek: What's New from HarperCollins will go over “how the marketplace is rebounding from an overabundance of vampires and werewolves. Readers are hungry for tales more rooted in scientific reality, as well as magical espionage, supernatural noir, space opera, and military adventure.” 8 in room 9.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour: Evolved will also be at 8 in 23ABC. Get there early.
The Science of Star Wars will be at 8:30 in 24ABC.

You can catch the Scream Queens: World Premiere Screening at 9:15 in 6DE.
Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation will be at 9:15 in 6BCF.

And that's Saturday. Some big names are missing, so it looks like we'll have some surprises in store for Sunday. Which is also Kids' Day, though there will be plenty of adult fare and of course a smoking hot day in Hall H.
How is everyone feeling so far about the programming? Any "I must see this no matter what" or worse, 2 must-see panels that overlap? That seems to happen at least one day of the Con - a long stretch where nothing really appeals to you, and then 2 dream panels at the same time. Speaking of which, first-timers, you'll need to get an idea of how big a space we're talking about and how long it might take you to travel from room 7 to 25ABC, or from Hall H to the Horton Grand. This post on the lay of the land should help. And I'll talk more about estimating line times and travel times as we get closer.


  1. You may have answered this before - do I need a Saturday badge to attend panels in the library on Saturday?

    1. Yep - if they're part of official SDCC programming. Sorry. But if you have an open day Saturday, definitely take a look at Nerd HQ panels.

  2. Overlaps - I'm expecting more schedule conflicts with the offsites, actually. GoT offsite line will eat up most of Thurs. On Fri, I like the Beyond Fashion: Creating Kickass Action Figures for Girls, but I also want to go to Orphan Black, so that won't work. Would love to get to Hall H but I'm not camping, so will be in the Omni Fri night. On Sat, the Orphan Black Fan Meet-up Brunch would take up most of my morning. And we don't even have NerdHQ's Conversations schedule yet!

    I'm foolishly hopeful that Netflix is bringing Daredevil on Sunday, but it's looking less likely. Just got hooked after a stellar 1st season (waaaay better than Gotham!) and I would love to see it at SDCC!

    1. You just articulated the problem with SDCC - there is SO much to do that you're constantly making Sophie's Choice. Tough choices. And Nerd HQ is going to make it even tougher!

      I think a lot of people were hoping Daredevil would be there.