Do you need a venue for your SDCC event?

2 JUNE 2015

In recent years, Comic-Con events have sprung up all over the city. In addition to the major media and industry parties we all hear about, there are dozens of smaller events like fan meetups, sobriety and recovery marathons, fetish balls, gaming nights and parties for specific nerd factions, like LGBTQI nerds, Christian nerds, business nerds, etc. And of course many creators and industry players book venues for private dinner parties and mingles.

The result: it can be really hard to find venue space. And it can also be really expensive. According to this article at The Wrap, one venue went from 5K a night to 45K in just three years. Yes, those are the right numbers.

Many venues are already booked for this year, so I'm posting one that isn't. El Cortez Don Room & Terrace is in downtown San Diego and hosts a variety of weddings, conferences, proms and business events; they are also available for off-site Comic-Con events.

El Cortez is:
  • able to handle both large and small gatherings, from dinners to big parties
  • 1.4 miles from the Con
  • the former host of the official Comic-Con event from 1972-1979
  • owner of a traditional ballroom with a 10,000 foot connecting terrace, along with a tent for outdoor parties, a gazebo, outdoor fireplaces & other rooms
  • able to supply caterers, food vendors, photographers, DJs, florists

Just something to consider if you still haven't booked a venue yet for your exciting Comic-Con event. Give them a call at (619)338-8338 ext. 109 and see if it works out.

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