Masquerade entries are closed

15 MAY 2015

In a repeat of last year, Comic-Con has already filled their Masquerade lineup well before the June deadline. Don't say you weren't warned.

If this is crushing news for you - if you really wanted to compete this year but just haven't had time to get your application together - try not to be too disappointed. There will be plenty of cosplay events for you to attend, and of course you will be able to strut your glory all over the convention center and city. Put together a good costume or group and you'll have all the attention you could want. And of course there will be Marvel and DC cosplay photo shoots, there's that Horror Celebration and various themed meetups and parades for cosplayers.

In conclusion: even if you didn't make it into the Masquerade, you should still bring your A game. I guarantee others will appreciate it.

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