Lumberjanes, Adventure Time, Evil Dead & more

29 MAY 2015

A few update from today before I immerse myself into Phoenix Comicon:

Lumberjanes is going to be a live action movie. At least, Fox has optioned it. Top panel of 2016? Let's hope so.

Starz released an Evil Dead teaser that really is a tease. Remember Bruce Campbell's promise to be all over SDCC "like a cheap suit;" apparently we'll find out more then.

Adventure Time fans can pick up a SDCC exclusive featuring a "tin tote and stainless steel container." Or what I would call a lunch box and thermos.

Hop-Con 3.0 tickets are on sale. For $75, you can have 10 beer samples, a commemorative glass, gourmet food and the presence of Aisha Tyler, Dave Johnson, Will Wheaton, Kevin Eastman and other luminaries. And if you donate $25 to the Hero Initiative, you'll also get special artwork from Kevin Eastman and Dave Johnson. Be aware this takes place on Preview Night.

Oh and while this isn't SDCC-related - Image Expo tickets are on sale.

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