Hotel rooms are available for all 4 nights

5 MAY 2015

If you're still looking for a hotel room, good news: there are rooms available for all 4 Comic-Con nights in the Travel Planners system. That would be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

The Town & Country, La Quinta, Days Inn, multiple Mission Valley hotels - as of this moment, they all have rooms. So if you are still unhoteled at this point, it's by choice.

I can't emphasize this enough: downtown rooms at the Hilton and Hyatt and Omni aren't going to magically open up, not in enough numbers for you to find them. (This downtown Gaslamp hotel/hostel still has availability - but be warned some attendees have had less than ideal experiences there.) Good Airbnbs are mostly taken at this point. If you continue to hold out, you're going to see your options dwindle rapidly. I'd look over the available stock, get out your credit card and make your peace with it.

San Diego Comic-Con is only 2 months away. Announcements will start accelerating any day, sparking even more people to book a room just to participate in the outside events. Don't wait any longer.


  1. Our scumbag Airbnb host just cancelled without giving a reason. Never using them again.