100-200 San Diego Comic-Con workers needed

4 MAY 2015

Would you like to get a paying job at San Diego Comic-Con? Be right there in the magic and hustle and earn money at the same time? Because an agency called On Tour 24/7 is looking for 100-200 workers.

"What kind of workers?" you might be asking. The answer is "event staff and promotional models/brand ambassadors." In other words, go ahead and apply and see what happens. You'll need to create a talent profile and include photos - but that doesn't mean you need to be drop-dead gorgeous, so don't let that rattle you. You'll also need to list your "previous Comic Con experience and the city it was activated in." How much do I love that phrasing? Let me count the ways.

Go ahead and be your most audacious self and apply. But if you get picked, you have to tell me your juicy behind-the-scenes stories.

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