DCU, Hasbro panels & other SDCC updates

19 MAY 2015

I think it feels like we're still waiting for the really big SDCC announcements to get rolling, but in the meantime we have a few tidbits to mull over. Let's get right into it.

DC is unleashing a summer campaign called DCU. It's about convincing readers that DC has a comic for everyone, which seems like a bold promise. Major writers like Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Annie Wu and others will be highlighted; the comic books you pick up tomorrow will have inserts and ads to prepare you for this magnificence. Overall the campaign will involve 24 new series, 25 ongoing fan-favorite series, and "fun and engaging" activities at SDCC.

Everyone is saying that there could be a 2nd Batman vs Superman trailer shown at SDCC. This actually wouldn't surprise me, even though the previous 3 predictions were dead wrong.

I find this so bizarre: there's a DC/Thomas mashup, with the result that you can buy a little train that looks like Harley Quinn. There's a comic to go along with this.

Hasbro has announced five panels. Those first panel announcements are always exciting, aren't they? Whether you even want to go to them or not. The panels are:
  • Transformers Generations - Thursday - 11 am in 25ABC
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Thursday - 3 pm in 5AB
  • My Little Pony - Friday - 10:30 am in 6A
  • Star Wars - Friday - 12:00 pm in 7AB
  • Marvel - Saturday - 4:00 pm in 25ABC

Mezco is bringing two more Batman exclusives: an actual Batman and a Poison Ivy keychain thing.

SpongeBob fans, you will want to get involved in this: Nickelodean is hosting a SpongeBob panel this year that will have a live episode reading. And you can vote for which episode by visiting Facebook. Choices are: Squidtastic Voyage, The Two Faces of Squidward, A Flea In Her Dome, Grandma's Kisses, That's No Lady and Idiot Box.

Will there be a hands-on preview of Disney Infinity 3.0 at SDCC? Given that it will feature Star Wars characters, I'll say yes.

I'm not sure how many major announcements we'll see this week; companies might be waiting for Memorial Day Weekend to pass. We'll see.

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