A few exclusives

25 MAY 2015

                                                                    From DC Collectors

Happy Memorial Day. Hope you're all enjoying a day of leisure.

After being on a long creepy hike this weekend, I expected to come home to at least a few interesting announcements and press releases - and there was hardly anything. Given the flow of information we had on Friday, I can only conclude that the SDCC news cycle will pick up post-holiday.

But we do have a few new pretty things to admire.

One is CineQuest's annual Supernatural exclusives: a Metallicar that's a replica of the Impala as it looked when purchased by John Winchester. They'll also have their annual "Road Trip to San Diego" t-shirt. You can get these at booth #4539 or pre-order them.

We're also getting an Alien minimate and a Predator bottle opener from Action Figure Xpress and a Flash letter opener from Icon Heroes. I understand the desire to come up with unique collectibles but when is the last time anyone used a letter opener?

If you're a fan of the 1960's Batman show - and who isn't - you'll like the Wave 4 figures from Figure Toy Company. They include King Tut, Alfred Pennyworth, the Bookworm and Mr. Freeze. We'll have pre-order & SDCC information soon.

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