The final day of Emerald City

29 MARCH 2015

It's the last day of ECCC and I have that ready-to-go-home feeling. How about you?

Today has lighter fare on the programming menu, but there's still quite a bit to do.

Creatives got offered a cornucopia of panels on Friday and Saturday; today doesn't have quite as many but the following still look good:
Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations starts off the day in Hall B at 10:30.
Hire Me! From Comics Fan to Comics Professional is in Hall D at 12:30PM.
What Makes Fantasy EpicHall B at 1:30PM: this is on how authors create complex and engaging worlds. 
Tabletop Game Prototyping Workshop is in Hall J at 2:00PM. You're encouraged to bring your prototypes to this.
Bad Ass Business Lady is in Hall G at 2:10PM.

Cosplay is going strong today:

Cosplay Q and A is in Hall J at 12:00PM.
Prop & Mask Making 101 is in Hall I at 12:50PM.
Working with Worbla is in Hall I at 3:50PM.

Obviously comic book panels have dominated the programming thus far and that continues today.

#Graphix10: Past, Present, Future is in Hall E at 10:50AM.
I Say A Little Prayer: Hearbreakers Gillen and McKelvie is in Hall A at 11:00AM.
Q&A with Michael A. Stackpole is in Hall B at 11:30AM.
Marvel Animation Presents is in Hall C at 12:00PM.
Science Fact In Comics is in Hall F at 12:30PM. 
Redesigning Heroes for the Modern World will be in Hall A at 1:00PM.
IDW Presents: The New Class of Licensed Comics is in Hall C at 1:00PM.
The Complete Graphic Novel: From Idea to Market is in Hall G at 1:10PM.
10 Years of Mouse Guard will be celebrated in Hall D at 1:30PM.
Marvel: Next Big Thing is in Hall C at 2:00PM.
Image Comics Presents: Something For Everybody. Hall D at 2:30PM.
DC Entertainment Master Class: Art History. Hall C at 3:00PM.
By Design: Fantagraphics Books in Hall C at 4:00PM.

Then we have a whole random offering of panels that hit on practically every subject.

Geek and Gamer Fitness is in Hall I at 10:50. 
They're Coming to Get You, Barbra: The Appeal of Horror in Hall A at 12:00PM.
Transmedia Storytelling in Hall B at 12:30PM.
Reinventing Iconic Monsters is in Hall B at 2:30PM.
The Future of Fandom Conventions in Hall F at 2:30PM.
Exploring the Human Condition with Robots and Monsters in Hall E at 2:50PM.
Women in the Gaming Industry in Hall I at 2:50PM.
Discussing Diversity and Representation in Fantasy and Sci-fi Comics is in Hall E at 3:50PM.

It might be Sunday, but we have an exciting day in the Main Hall.

First The Doctor in Hall D at 10:30AM will feature a participatory and unscripted time traveling comedy. Then we have...

11: Stan Lee
12: Curtis Armstrong: The Scribe of God
1: Scott Wilson
2: Firefly with Gina Torres and Jewel Staite
3: John Barrowman
4: Anthony Mackie

It's your last day: make it count.

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