Saturday night at Emerald City

28 MARCH 2015

What's going on tonight for the nerds of Seattle? Quite a lot, actually.

Drinks With Authors - You had to RSVP to this and I don't know if they're accepting stragglers. It's from 8-11 pm at The Pike Brewing Company.

Insert Coin - This is a regular LGBTQ party at the Eagle but it will have cosplay and gaming and general nerdiness for ECCC.

The She Makes Comics Documentary is in Hall C at 6:00.

The Critical Hit Show: a Live RPG Comedy Experience is at 6: 30 in Hall D.

The ECCC Cinema Series is showing Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Remember that Brandon Routh canceled; not sure if someone else will present.

The Real Nerds of Comedy is in Hall F at 6:30. 16+.

The ECCC Costume Contest - 8:00 in the Main Hall.

The Charity Art Auction is at 7 in Hall B.

The Steampunk Murder Mystery is at 7 in Hall I.

Of Dice and Men screens at 7:10 with a Q&A in Hall G.

The Beer Geek Girls Happy Hour - At the beer garden from 5-8 pm. No badge required.

The Comixology Hire Me Party - 8-11 under the escalators on the first floor.

I also know of an all-girl attendee party but I'm not sure if it's public or invite-only. If it's open, I'll post details because it's going to be a good time.

There's something for everyone - so don't say you don't have anything to do. Have fun and play safe.


  1. Does emerald city have more nighttime events than San Diego? Seems like it.

    1. No. As far as night Con panels, it's about the same - but when it comes to events around the city, there are more in San Diego.