RSVP now for Drinks with Authors at ECCC

6 MARCH 2015

If you're a bookworm who still isn't sure how to spend Saturday night at ECCC, here's a plan: Drinks with Authors. Penguin Random House authors and their fans will mingle, drink and eat free pizza at the Pike Brewing Company. Authors include Myke Cole, Peter V. Brett, Jason Hough, Robin Hobb, Patrick Rothfuss and Naomi Novik, among others.

The catch: space is limited to 150 people, so attendance will be capped. That means you need to RSVP now by emailing Write "RSVP Drinks with Authors" in the subject line and list everyone who's going to attend in the body.

Date: 28 March

Time: 8:00 - 11:00 pm

Location: The Pike Brewing Company at 1415 First Ave in Seattle (7 blocks from the Con)

Obviously all attendees need to be 21+.


  1. Thanks! I was planning to go to a movie showing that night, but this looks like fun too. We'll see if I was fast enough to get into this event.

    1. Yeah, this should be a great event - not just to meet the official authors, but for writers to mingle with each other. Because you know it's going to be a ton of writers there.

    2. Writer or fan-geeks. ;-) We got accepted, so I guess we'll be dropping by!