Reminder: these are the final days of Early Bird

21 MARCH 2015

By now you've probably poured over the list of official SDCC hotels and thought about all the places you'd like to stay. If, however, the element of chance is too much for you - or you aren't sure you can hit the sale exactly when you need to Tuesday morning -consider the Early Bird sale.

I really thought this would come closer to selling out this year, but most hotels are still available. I think people have forgotten how awful it was last year when the hotel reservation system opened back up - not Hotel Day, but the day later on when you could finally go into the system on your own and see what kind of trading you could do. It was mayhem. So let's hope the system's been upgraded this year.

At any rate, Early Bird lets you skip all that for a nonrefundable fee at a non-downtown hotel. These aren't bad hotels by any means and not nearly as far away as some hotels you could end up at on Hotel Day, so give them a look and decide if this is a good option for you - and act fast if it is, because Monday is the last day you can go this route.

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