ECCC's canceled guests

20 MARCH 2015

As we count down the final days to Emerald City, it's hard not to notice that some changes have been afoot. Specifically, several of the more anticipated guests have bailed out on the Con. If you haven't checked the programming lately, you may want to make sure that your desired panels are still happening or at the time you think they are; for instance, both Finn Jones and Orlando Jones have had their schedules shifted.


Karen Allen, who was due to have her own panel and appear at the Raiders of the Lost Ark screening, will no longer attend.

Ditto Morena Baccarin, who has been preempted by a film commitment. She seems to have been replaced with Jewel Staite; anyone who wants a refund on their Firefly and Women of the Whedonverse photo ops can have one.

Disappointingly, Steven Yeun's panel has been canceled and it doesn't seem it will be rescheduled. The Walking Dead group photo op on Sunday is canceled as well.

LaVar Burton will not attend the Con at all. Neither will Dante Basco, who also has a new film commitment. The new guests replacing them: Marina Sirtis and Troy Baker.

Any photo ops that have been purchased will be refunded.

ETA: Jenna Coleman has bowed out as well. Stay tuned.


  1. Jenna Coleman just canceled too. What is it this year? There are always cancelations and changes, but this year it's extra bad!

    1. I know, I don't get it. I really hope there aren't more over this next week.

      It's great that they've been able to offer up new people, and I'm sure the ECCC team is as disappointed as the attendees. But yikes.