ECCC Night 1: where are we going?

26 MARCH 2015

It's Friday night in Seattle and there's an array of activities for ECCC attendees to choose from. The Guardians of the Sexy burlesque is sold out, unfortunately, but we still have movies, games, panels and more - both in and out of the Con.

The Live Art Show is at the ECCC beer garden at 8:00, no pass required.

Improv Against Humanity is a comedy show featuring, of course, Cards Against Humanity. 18+.

The ECCC Cinema Series features The Avengers, presented by Stan Lee himself at the Cinerama.

Pink Party Comicon on Capitol Hill has Hodor from Game of Thrones and a glitzy cosplay contest.

Cleopatra's Cabaret is at 7:00 in Hall I. This is a participatory role-playing game for badge-holders only.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Laser Light Show is at the Pacific Science Center. Tonight's the last night to see it.

The Cyanide and Happiness Group are doing a sketch jam panel at 7:10 in Hall G.

The Urban Dictionary Game Show is in Hall B at 6:30. Also 18+.

Stripped: the Comics Documentary will have a free screening in Hall A at 6:00. You do need a badge for this.

Whatever you do, have fun - but get your rest because tomorrow's a big day.

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