Clarification on ECCC photo ops and autographs

25 MARCH 2015

If you're intent on getting pictures and autographs at Emerald City this weekend, you might be confused by the different rules on what's free, what costs money, what's appropriate and what's not. Luckily they've provided some clarity on the different categories.

Comic Book Writers and Artists

There's no special procedure for this; if you spot them in the wild or track them down at their booths, you're free to ask for either a photo or an autograph. Some may charge but most won't.


These are the writers in the Writers Block area and they'll have specific signing times. They won't charge.


This where we get into formal Photo Ops. You can see the prices here for those. There's also a schedule for autographs and you can bring your own item or have them sign a printed photo. All of this is for a fee.

Note: if you want to buy a Photo Op on site, you'll need to stand in line to buy it, then stand in line for the photo session - and you'll have to pay cash. So you want to skip the first line and/or pay with a credit card, buy online.

Voice Actors

They too have signing sessions for a fee. The official Photo Op machine isn't in place, but you can take a picture with your phone at their table - and yes, there's a cost for that too.

To break it down even more, writers and artists are mostly free, actors are not. And you'll need to do a certain amount of research on all of them to figure out where they're going to be. Finally, be aware that you can't take pictures in the Media area.

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