Some clarity (& guesswork) on registration & hotels


Apparently I sent a few people into a tizzy last week by posting about Creative Pro Reg and Early Bird. I've gotten a few emails asking how I know these things, what's happening when, did they miss an email and so on. The anxiety is strong with our kind.

To put it in simple terms: I don't know any dates. The below is all deduction and guesswork, but fairly reliable all the same.

  • Creative Professional Registration is for creative professionals only. If you're eligible for this, you got an email about it. If not, don't worry about it. This is not for attendees.
  • Open Registration is for attendees and no, I don't know the date. I predict late February possibly but early-mid March is more likely. If you have a Member ID, you will get an email telling you when it is.
  • Early Bird Hotel Sale will probably kick off in a few weeks.
  • Hotel Day has been reported as being in late March.
  • The Ace Parking Sale will probably be in April or May. If you remember what a hot mess it was last year, you might speculate that they've overhauled the process. So I find it hard to call this one.

If you're still anxious about missing something, just make sure your Member ID has the right email address and that you've opted in for email notifications. Make sure you have a credit card with enough room on it for badge-buying. If you want to team up with others for the sale, start asking around.

But overall you just need to stay attentive. The next 2 months will be probably busy with the sales we loathe/anticipate so much, and after that will be 2 months of hearing all the media announcements about events and promotions and exclusives and panels - and then will come those final weeks of packing and obsessing over Comic-Con.

See? Nothing to be anxious about at all.


  1. Oh, this was too funny! I was a having a miserable day, and this made me laugh. Thanks, Valerie!