First San Diego Comic-Con 2015 contest



This might just be one of my favorite contests ever.

Official name: "2015 Comic-Con Library Card Contest"

Who can enter: e3 Civic High students. If you don't know what that is, this contest isn't for you - but since you're curious, it's a "new and innovative charter high school" that exists inside the San Diego Public Library. As someone who went to a high school next to a cornfield where everyone drank all the time, I'm so retroactively envious.

What you can win: a Preview Night badge. It doesn't say "badge for winner and guest" like most contests but let's hope they're not going to force some high school kid to go to SDCC alone. Especially since he or she will also win an autograph session (featuring them) at the San Diego Public Library booth and they'll need a friend there to photograph them in all their glory.

They also will win an East Village-opoly board game. That's not a NY board game as you would think but a San Diego version of Monopoly. Did you know board games were still a thing? This one includes "unique landmarks and symbols that are special to East Village including a player token sponsored by the Friends of the Central Library that is a mini replica of the new Central Library dome, PETCO park board square, car2go, Go square, four Metropolitan Transportation System (MTS) Trolley squares, fun game cards featuring East Village businesses, and instructions sponsored by San Diego City College."

How you can win: by submitting a design for the 2015 Comic-Con Library card. Here are the requirements:
  • It has to be robot-themed.
  • It has to include the words "San Diego Public Library," "Discover Your Next Chapter" and "Comic-Con International 2015" with the trademark symbol.
  • You have to submit as a jpeg and use specific dimensions - 1.3/4.7 W and 3.1H.

Deadline: 13 March 2015

Okay, so this contest excludes 99% of the people who want to go to SDCC but I think we can admit it's pretty cool. I like creative contests and anyone who can make art within the narrow parameters of robots and "Discover Your Next Chapter" deserves a badge. And Comic-Con can certainly be a fertile place for a young artist.


  1. That is a really cool contest! Whoever wins will be very deserving!

    BTW, yes, board games are still a 'thing'. Just ask anyone who watches Wil Wheaton's Tabletop series. ;-)

    1. I'm definitely going to follow up and see who wins. What a cool thing the winner can put on their college applications.

  2. How come this is only for that school and not every other school??? That's not fair at all.

    1. It's a library initiative, so it was probably easiest for them to just work with the high school inside their own building. But I agree, it would have been cool if this extended to all high schools in the area.

  3. The kid that won had her parent do it for her. Nice.