Creative pros - are you ready for registration?



While we attendees can anticipate that Open Registration is going to look a lot like it did last year, Creative Professional Registration is going to be a tad bit different this year. If this applies to you, you should have already gotten your CCI email explaining the deal but here it is anyhow:

  • Creative professional badge registration is happening very soon. Trade professional registration will open later this spring. Trade pros cannot register during creative professional registration.
  • You can register 1 complimentary guest and/or 1 paid guest while supplies last.
  • However, the complimentary guest badge is not guaranteed since they’re just so damned popular. 
  • The paid guest badge is 220 whether you’re registering a junior or adult guest if you go through professional reg – so they give this hilarious advice on getting the discounted junior attendee rate: “We recommend purchasing an attendee junior badge during Open Online Registration for the general public.” Like it’s that simple and guaranteed. Seriously, pony up for the full cost and save yourself the horrorshow that is Open Reg.
  • You'll get an email prior to the professional badge registration with a unique code and link. To get the complimentary professional guest badges,  you have to endure the online waiting room that we attendees are farmed through during our registration. CCI reports that the EPIC waiting room "has been extensively tested and used successfully" in recent years. This is about as true as it can be.
  • Once those complimentary guest badges are gone, the waiting room will close and you’ll experience the sickening wave of despair we attendees know so well. Except not really because you’re still going to Comic-Con – you just have to pay for your guest now.
  •  If you don't have anyone to take as a complimentary or paid guest, consider using your magic powers for good and hooking up a thirsty attendee - like oh, say, me. Immense gratitude and good karma will be yours and no doubt you'll have the most profitable Con ever.
And finally, make sure you read all the tech this and that to make sure your system is ready for the system. The EPIC waiting room does work pretty smoothly in my experience but it's good to know its idiosyncracies in advance.

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