Don't forget to claim your Volunteer badge tomorrow


Did you know that a small but exciting badge registration will take place tomorrow - Tuesday, 3 February? Probably most of you didn't, but that's okay; it's only for people who joined the 2015 Volunteer Interest List.

To back up a bit, anyone who volunteered last summer - a returning volunteer - already participated in their own more leisurely registration. This is a separate registration for those people who asked to be on the Interest List. And the competition will be intense.

If you're included in this group, then you should have already received an email from CCI with instructions. Basically you're off to the races Tuesday at 9 am PST - you'll log into your Member ID, go to the Volunteering Tab and click the registration link. This is first come, first serve, so obviously you shouldn't waste one red second getting in there.

As for the rest of you, you can't finagle a way into this. If you didn't already join the Interest List, you're out of luck. What you can do: pay attention late this summer and over the fall for when the 2016 list opens up. Returning volunteers get priority but it's still worth signing up.

Good luck and try not to stress.


  1. So the link shows up at 9? Cuz there's no link for me and it says Priority Reg is closed, even though I didn't volunteer last year

    1. 9 am PST today. So you still have a little over an hour to go.