Do you want to go to WonderCon?

21 JANUARY 2015

Registration for WonderCon is now open. That includes badges and hotel rooms.

If you've ever wondered why WonderCon is not as big a deal as SDCC, the answer is, well, it's smaller. However, it's in Anaheim now, close to Disneyland, and it is getting bigger - and there are all the usual conventiony reasons to attend: an Exhibit Hall with toys and comics, a slight Hollywood presence, gaming, etc. In other words, there are worse ways to spend the weekend of 3-5 April.

So with that rousing endorsement, you can buy badges now (online only) and book a room through Travel Planners. And you can do it peacefully, with a nostalgic pang for the days when signing up for San Diego Comic-Con looked a little like this.

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