New LGBTQ Comic-Con launching in NY

29 JANUARY 2015


If you're a rainbow nerd, you know that the LGBTQ presence has claimed a seat at the Con table in recent years. Panels, booths, parties and mixers: we're here, we're queer and we play Magic: The Gathering. (Well, this switch-hitter doesn't, but they did just announce a trans character so that's my shout-out.)

Recent queer-themed Cons have been springing up like BentCon in L.A., and now GeeksOUT has announced a new one in New York. It's called - wait for it - Flame Con - and its inaugural event will kick off Saturday, 13 June, in Brooklyn. So if you're traveling to NY for Pride, you'll be a bit too late to make this, but it still commemorates the spirit of the month. What did our Stonewall ancestors fight for if not the right to do Princess Leia drag?

From the formal press release description:

"People from all corners of the LGBTQ community will be given a unique opportunity to meet up and geek out over a range of artists, creators and vendors creating to all kinds of queer interests and tastes. Provocative and intelligent panels will explore ideas and questions not discussed at traditional cons. Other Flame Con attractions include an onsite art show, an anthology comic <of course - editorial note> and a cosplay parade leading the way to a nearby after party. <double of course.>"

So there it is. Since I'm in NY quite often, I may attend and I'll report back if I do. Regardless, it should definitely be of interest to the many Brooklyn and tri-state area nerds who'd like more queer-themed content in their Comic-Con life.

Tickets are available now for:
  • $20 for basic admittance
  • $25 for the Con and after party
  • $10 for just the after party

Oh and you can do 2 other things:

And whatever you do, don't miss that after party.

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