Good advice on ECCC lines

28 JANUARY 2015

Emerald City has posted some answers to the eternal question of "When should I get in line?"
Definitely worth reading if you're going - but skip it if you're not because line estimates are different at every event.

Oh, and they said they're going to announce about 20 new comic guests in the next week or so, including some big names. Just to keep you tantalized.


  1. Aaaaand.... they just announced Herschel (from TWD) and last week they announced C3PO and Loras Tyrell (from GoT). They're definitely saving their best celebrity guests for last as well!

    1. It's a measure of my absorption in The Walking Dead that I thought, "I wonder if his leg will make it hard to get around" and then remembered that was only on the show.

  2. And this morning they announced Steven Yeun! That's going to be a great Walking Dead panel!