Is 2015 the year you go to San Diego Comic-Con?

1 JANUARY 2015

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a peaceful and generous Christmas / Yule / Solstice / Kwanzaa / Hanukkah / Festivus. And if you didn't, now is the time to put any disastrous family visits and office holiday parties behind you and focus on the business of Comic-Con.

Most of us are making resolutions today, even if it's to boycott making resolutions. And some of you maybe, just possibly, have this on your list: attend San Diego Comic-Con for the first time.

And why shouldn't you? It's only six months away (remember, it's early this year) but it's not too late. You just need to sign up for a Member ID and then participate in the Open Registration badge sale, which will be held sometime in late winter or spring.

Over the holidays I had a conversation that I have at least 10-12 times a year; people were stunned to hear I'd been to SDCC, as if I'd traveled through time or visited the afterlife. They seemed convinced that it's just dead impossible to actually go to San Diego Comic-Con. You can't get badges: this is the mantra people all over the world repeat with absolute certainty. Which is sad on several levels.

Of course, the secret, selfish Con grinch in my heart enjoys the idea of people taking themselves out of the pool of competitors. But the better me hates the idea of them missing out on something they might love. The reality is that yes, getting a badge is possible (though it isn't guaranteed.) And if SDCC is really your dream, then you should take a shot this year. Even if you only score a one-day badge, you'll get a taste (and just one day at Comic-Con will drench you in nerd fantasia) and you'll also be eligible to participate in Pre-reg for 2016 - so you'll have two chances to register next year.

And if you don't get a badge? You'll still be signed up and in the ecosystem, and stay apprised of future sales. You'll pick up more tricks and tips on getting a badge and navigating the general experience. And in the meantime, you can and should go to other Cons. San Diego isn't for everyone, despite its iconic reputation as the glittering mothership of all pop culture conventions. Instead of putting it on a pedestal and holding out only for that specific experience, plunge into the general world of Cons. You might find yourself on a better adventure than you expected.

Just something to consider as you make your plans for 2015. Here's to a rich and vibrantly nerdy year for all of us.

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