You validated your badge, right?

13 OCTOBER 2014

Final reminder - you have until 5:30 PST on 15 October to validate your badge for Pre-registration.

I'm pretty sure 98% of us did this within days if not hours of the initial email, because that's who we are. But if for some reason you've dawdled, do it now. Otherwise you'll be shut out of November's sale.


  1. What can I do cause I just missed it due to my mom being sick I have my badge but I did not see the email about this any help PLS

    1. Email CCI right now. Email them at both of these: AND

      Plead your case and hope they help you - I don't know if they will. Also, go into your Member ID account and be sure that your account is configured to receive emails from them.

    2. Thank u I just email the contact email and do the other email tonight when I get off work thank u for the help

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