Validate your badge now for November Pre-Reg


How exciting: we have an actual month for SDCC Pre-registration. And the month is.... November. If you're eligible - that is, if you had an attendee badge for this past summer - you'll get an email with the details and probably a link to one of CCI's mesmerizing instructional videos.

Now onto the important thing you need to do right now: validating yourself. You will do that by going into your Member ID account, selecting Registration Info, and following the instructions. You'll need your physical badge to do this - and the deadline is 15 October at 5:30 pm PST. That's plenty of time to work out any weird tech hiccups that might arise if you validate now.

The other important thing: if your formerly free child now qualifies as a "junior attendee," they have their own validation process. Check here to find out if your kid can still get in free next year or if they need to register like we do.

November is an ideal time - the digital maelstrom that is Pre-registration will spice up an otherwise boring month, and you can always try to get your parents to cover your badge as an early Christmas present. I haven't heard of any major upgrades to last year's lottery system, so I don't foresee any major delays as happened last year. Let's cautiously hope for the best.

ETA: I always forget the population of never-been-to-SDCC's that come across my blog. So for those of you who've emailed me (or are just wondering) "how can I take part in this wondrous Pre-registration you speak of?" - you can't. This is only for people who attended San Diego Comic-Con 2014. But you can register for a Member ID and then you'll be able to try for a badge in the big Open Registration sale next spring with everyone else.


  1. What if you had a badge but didn't pick it up?

    1. You needed an actual badge because it has a code on the bottom you need for this. Sorry :(

    2. Jad is correct - I think you're out of luck on this one. You'll have to wait for Open Registration next spring.