ECCC passes are going fast


A few years ago, Emerald City Comicon wasn't nearly as well known as San Diego Comic-Con or New York. Then comic book fans started talking it up as their favorite Con destination and nerds caught wind of the fun to be had in Seattle, and now passes are selling fast fast fast.

How fast? Last year 3-day passes sold out in January, after months of availability; this year more than half are gone after only a few days. I cannot emphasize this enough: buy soon if you want to go to this Con. It really is becoming THE Con to go to and 2 years from now, ECCC passes may be a lot harder to get. Enjoy the relative peace of buying a pass while you can.

Deluxe passes sold out on the spot (and ECCC has confirmed they won't add more ) but everything else is still available. 3-day passes are only $85; the $295 Celebrity Fast Passes are still available and include 3-day access as well. No doubt people are waiting to snap these up due to ECCC's leisurely pace of announcing "one celeb and at least five comic guests per week." Single day badges are also available.

As for hotels, the Sheraton is already sold out but the Grand Hyatt is close by and still available. So are the other hotels.

ECCC has suggested they will provide updates on when badges look close to being gone, which is a help. But I still say don't wait any longer than you have to. Beg, borrow or steal that $85 and buy your pass.


  1. I am really looking forward to your coverage of ECCC! It's a con that deserves more online discussion, and it's difficult for newbies to find info.

    I didn't attend in 2013, but I gather the badges sold out much closer to the con (maybe into March?) so last year's January sellout was *early*. This year they will definitely break that by a couple of months at least.

    1. I noticed there wasn't a lot of coverage on it, so hopefully I can help in that regard. That said, I think the organizers do a great job of staying accessible to attendees and putting out information.

      I've noticed an uptick in ECCC conversation amongst my friends in the past week - so yep, people are definitely aware of its rising profile.

  2. Yep, I was a newbie last year and I had a difficult time finding anything online, other than the Tumblr site (which is great) and the official site (which is okay). I used my SDCC experience to guide me. Fortunately, being used to a massive con meant that I did fine and got to do everything I wanted at ECCC. But I can see how someone unused to large cons would have trouble without a 'newbie' guide. As it was, I was surprised by a number of things, but able to figure it out as I went. ;)

    Part of the uptick in conversation might also have been due to passes going on sale.

    1. Yeah, I definitely think the sale spurred a lot of attention.